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In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78723
Pet name:
English Bulldog
Apricot / Beige
Peppa has a very unique set of skills you wont see anywhere else!\xa0 While other bulldogs may smell like farts and old cheese, foster mom says that darling Peppa always seems to smell like fresh baked french bread.\xa0 Peppa also has the uniqe skill of being able to observe her surroundings with one googly eye while keeping her other eye on a tasty snack.\xa0 So very talented!\xa0 \xa0Peppa is a super snuggly girl, and we truly hope her forever family allows her on the furniture, because its hard not to give her everything she wants when she gives you "the look."\xa0 Shell always have the sweetest most heart melting puppy dog eyes!\xa0 Shes currently living with another bulldog who is very calm, and\xa0 well it took a minute for her to settle in and feel safe, she and her fur foster brother now nap together and play tug with their favorite toys.\xa0 In fact, Peppa LOVES to play and go on walks around the block.\xa0 She is currently living in an apartment building and does well when out and about, but is diligently working on her leash manners.\xa0 Peppa likes to paw at her new friends and snuggle in real close, so we think shed be best with older kids.\xa0\xa0

Peppa is available for adoption to qualified adopters in the contiguous 48 states.\xa0 ABR would prefer approved applicants to come to TX to meet their match, with their family and dog(s), but we recognized this isn’t always possible.\xa0 In such cases, approved adopters should be willing to participate in video interviews with the entire family to meet their match virtually. Adopters must also provide a transportation plan for their new family member that will require approval from the ABR Board.\xa0 \xa0This needs to be paid for by the adopter, in addition to the dog’s adoption fee.\xa0 Adopters need to also be prepared arrange safe transport back to the Austin area, should adoption not work out.\xa0 Please be prepared to provide vet and personal references in your application for us to contact when considering your family.


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  2. Peeva
  3. American Veterinary Medical Association
  4. Veterinary Information Network
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