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Ice (OH)   

In shelter Dog

Bridgeton, NJ, 08332
Pet name:
Ice (OH)
English Pointer
White / Cream
Coat length:
Ice - 11 years old, located in Ohio
Dog ID#: 210071-P-B-TN
Intake Date: 1/16/2021
Available Date: 4/15/2021 

Are you looking for a beautiful, classy girl that would love to join you on adventures? That would be me, Ice!

I might be mature in age, but I like keeping active. In fact, I still have an eye for those birds and critters. A fully fenced yard is high on my list of new home features.

I was previously a momma dog with a breeder in Tennessee and many of my gorgeous relatives have been adopted through PRO. I even have an Embark®? DNA history that shows other known relatives throughout the country. 

While staying in my foster home it was discovered I have a health condition. Protein Losing Enteropathy. Here is an in depth article if unfamiliar with PLE-

To make a long story short about my diagnosis, I began receiving frequent blood work and serum panels when my foster mom noticed I had very loose stools. We had already tried all the conventional treatments but I never improved. My veterinarian sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound that showed the inflammation of my intestinal tract. The good news, all my other internal organs looked fine.

Hills Prescription Diet I/D low fat kibble is the only food I am eating now to help my digestive system. I am prescribed a drug called Budesonide to treat my intestinal inflammation that is formulated just for me at a veterinarian pharmacy. I also need the monthly B-12 injections as mentioned in the article above. Those are only obtained from a veterinarian. 

I sure feel better now and my last blood panel supported good improvements since beginning treatment several months ago. The drugs and prescription food will be life long so a special adoptive family must be committed to regular veterinarian care and expense of my medication and food.

My foster mom will tell you its well worth it because everyone adores my sweet personality. I get along great with friendly dogs, but dont have to have a canine companion. With my  typical bird dog prey drive cats are not recommended. School aged respectful children would be fine.

I do tend to chew if I get bored. Because Im older and so are my teeth, no bones or antlers as they will possibly break them.

Ice has adjusted very well to crate training. She will nap on dog beds, and couches, rides like a queen in a vehicle, thoroughly enjoys exploring on walks and  has strong pointing instincts. She really doesnt bark except for dinner and to come inside. Occasionally has to be corrected for counter surfing!

Ice has been spayed,  vaccinated and receives her preventions monthly.

Additional questions from approved adoption applicants can be answered by her foster mother.

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