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In shelter Dog

Salt Lake City, UT, 84101
Pet name:
English Setter
White / Cream
Coat length:
Unlike her namesake, Garbo would never say “I want to be alone.” Garbo is a 3 year old girl who loves running and playing with her doggy friends and then snuggling up to her humans. At her boarding facility, Garbo is known as a “love bug.”

Garbo loves playing with other dogs, and especially enjoys other dogs who love to run and play. Garbo likes to be around her humans or other dogs, and is happiest when she has a dog or human companion nearby.

Garbo is mostly an English Setter and has a fair amount of the prey drive English Setters are known for. Those who have been around Garbo think she may be mixed with a dash of Border Collie. She may be OK with cats, but would need supervision and slow acclimation in a home with cats to make sure.

Garbo needs all the things that an active young dog needs – lots of people time and training, plenty of exercise and stimulation, and an active resident dog in her adoptive home. Garbo will not be happy as an only dog. She also needs a securely fenced yard with a 6’ fence to keep her safe. Garbo is not a candidate for a home with children.

If Garbo has one fault, it is loving food too much to share. She guards her food. Because of this issue, her adopter will need to be careful with either dog or human food. Food guarding is not uncommon in rescued dogs and is an issue that can be worked with, and sometimes eliminated.

Garbo is crate-trained and appears to be house trained. She has basic obedience training, but is a willing student who needs to learn more. She is fully vetted and ready for a foster-to-adopt or adoptive home. Currently, Garbo is in a boarding facility near Salt Lake City. 
For an application to adopt or for more information about Southwest English Setter Rescue including our adoption requirements and transport availability, please go to Please call us at 214-997-3885 if you have any questions.


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