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In shelter Rabbit

Cambridge, ON, N3C 0E6
Pet name:
Flemish Giant
Extra Large
Coat length:
Minnie came to Rabbit Rescue in March 2022 when her owner was no longer able to care for her. She was shy upon arriving into foster care, but she seems to have gotten over her shyness after getting settled in!

In her foster home she happily greets all visitors and wants their attention. In fact, if she doesn’t get a little affection, she has no problem giving a nose boop in the ankle to make sure she’s not ignored. This highly social and friendly girl usually comes when she hears her name called. If not, clap your hands, snap your fingers or pat your lap and that will make her come running. If you want her to jump up with you, all you have to do is pat beside you or snap your fingers while saying “come on” and she’ll jump right up. She’s currently living with two cats and always wants to be part of the action. When the cats play, she gets right into the middle of it — chasing them or stealing their toys and running away. She also likes to take naps with them and can often be seen disturbing their sleep by trying to tuck herself in with them or doing a big flop on them.

Once she figured out the levels in her three-story bunny condo, she decided that *up* was a good place to be. Some places she’s not allowed, and she’s very responsive to hearing the word “no“ or “get down” and is a good girl about it. She can be a little stubborn, and because of her age (she turned 1 in December 2021) and the fact that she’s still waiting to be spayed, she does get into a little bit of mischief. Baseboards are a tempting snack but bitter apple spray seems to have cured her of that interest. She’ll also try to nibble on the corners of the walls, but the same treatment seems to have done the trick.

Her litter habits are still excellent, and she has an appetite for pretty much anything you want to offer her. Share a banana with her and you’ll see the cutest little bum-twitches!

Minnie expresses her joy with the most hilarious display of binkies, zoomies and Bunny500 races on a hardwood floor. Sofa zoomies are particularly entertaining.  Her usual motivation for jumping up on the sofa is to be the most adorable snugglemuffin you’ll ever see. Nose rubs, head pats, cheek rubs, shoulder massage, neck scritches, full body massage and particularly bum-rubbin’ are all welcome. She even likes to be smooshed, hugged and showered with kisses …. as long as you don’t try to pick her up.

Minnie would do well in pretty much any home. She loves people, loves the company of other animals and would even be a great candidate for bonding for someone who already has a fixed male bunny.


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