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Millie and Sally Sue   

In shelter Rabbit

Melbourne, FL, 32934
Pet name:
Millie and Sally Sue
Florida White
Millie and Sallie Sue are adorable girls who love to play and love being pet. They were born in the backyard of a resident from a bunny who was out loose. We rescued them when they were only about 2 weeks old and theyve had great care since. 

They are so sweet when you get to know them, and will come running up to see you for cuddles. They are super mellow and their favorite treat is mango!

Dont overlook white bunnies. They were originally bred for their easy going temperament. They are great for families! 

Adoption fee: $100 special for a pair! 

First time rabbit adopter? We can send you information about housing and care. You should also know:

- Bonding bunnies - both buns must be fixed or there will be territory issues and aggression. Read more on the House Rabbit Society website. Or contact us about low cost spay/neuter.

- Bunnies are NOT starter pets. They need (indoor) space and attention like a small dog would. They need hay, pellets and greens daily. And any health issues (not eating, etc.) require immediate attention.

- Bunnies are NOT a good fit for young kids. They are fragile, startle easily, usually dont like to be handled, and do not do well under stress like the general household noise that comes with little ones. Trust us, its a lot of work you dont want to take on if youre caring for small kids. If your little one absolutely wants to meet a bunny, we can set up a visit with one of our more mellow bunnies and theres no commitment involved :)

- Bunnies can be somewhat skittish but they are also fun. If patient and understand that bunnies get comfortable with people on their own terms, youll make a bunny friend. Spending time on the floor with them and offering treats is a great way to bond with them.

- Bunnies MUST be housed indoors. RHDV-2, a highly contagious and fatal wild rabbit disease in now in Florida and transmitted in the ground. Domestic rabbits cannot tolerate the heat. They also need to be safe from predators and parasites like ear mites. They will be much happier being a part of the family, inside.