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In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78733
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Coat length:
-Spayed female
-5 years old
-about 80 pounds 
-Current on vaccinations, microchipped
-Heartworm negative
-House and crate trained
-Good with other dogs and people but dominant
-Not tested with cats or children yet
-Location: Austin area Foster Home 

The Rescue Lady said I should start with a fun fact. My favorite nursery rhyme is the one about the old lady that lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn’t know what to do. Me too. At least they are pretty sure I had puppies at some point and puppies are basically dog children. Plus how cool would it be to live in a shoe?!!

Right now I’m living in a people house with my Foster Family. I’m super calm and gentle with a low to medium energy drive. I still have mutternal instincts and like to carry all my stuffy toys and make a little nest on the bed. But technically I’m an empty nester now.

The best guess on my age is about 5 years old and I should weigh 90 pounds once I get to a healthy weight. I’m a purebred dog. A French Bulldog. Just joking, I’m a German Shepherd. Almost made you make an eye doctor appointment didn’t I?

I had to have a doctor appointment because I am heartworm positive and started on some medicine, so you’ll need to get the deets on that. I’m spayed too. No more need for the birds and bees talk, a little too late anyway. But you’ll definitely need to have that worm talk.

I am a little shy initially but remain very calm when meeting new people or new dogs. I take a little time to trust people and it took me about a week to settle into the groove of my Foster House routine. I’m doing awesome in my crate and now I love settling down in the crate. My bathroom schedule is regular too.

I do saunter over when I hear my Foster Family say “Cortana”. But that’s really the only people word I know. I do well on walks. My Foster Family took me for a drive and they said I was a calm curious rider. We went to PetSmart. It’s a store for dogs. Even though I’m not that into treats or toys, it was still pretty cool to sniff so many whiffs in one place.

Since I do have a motherly way about me, I do consider myself the family matriarch, so I will do well with any non-dominant dog. I do not like dominant dogs or dogs that put on a show. Me and the other German Shepherd that live here have established a good working relationship and mutually respect each other’s space.

I do interact and play well with dogs that want to play but I get tired quickly due to my heartworms. My Foster Family says “Overall she is an awesome dog, very caring, loyal and affectionate. Hope she finds a really good home to take care of her.” Oh my, I think I’m gonna cry, that’s the nicest thing any human ever said about me. I’m so thankful that they opened their home to save me.


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