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In shelter Dog

Ferndale, MI, 48220
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Remember #Brenda from  #RescueMissionDogPack? Were excited to announce that after 2 years of rehabilitation,  Brenda is officially looking for her forever home! #Gorgeous, #Fun & #Smart, Ladies & Gentlemen meet Brenda. Brenda is a 3 year old #GermanShepherd mix & weighs in around 50lbs. Brenda is just a #Beautiful girl who has a big personality once you gain her trust. She was actually born feral on the streets of Southwest #Detroit, until our rescue family at Help Us, Help Them Dog Rescue trapped her and her entire pack when she was one years old. Over the past two years, Brenda & her best friend Posey (also feral from a different pack) have been being #Rehabilitated while in our care.

A dog being born feral, compared to a dog turning feral is a completely different ball game. As a young pup, Brenda was never socialized with humans at all whatsoever. That being said, rehabbing her wasnt going to be easy. With time, love, patience and consistency Brenda has transformed into an incredible dog. To be honest, simply just having her around has been a pleasure and a fun time at that. Brenda makes everyone smile with her goofy fun & games. Brenda lives to thrive in a pack mentality & loves to play with her pack. 

Brenda simply loves attention, lives for her morning cuddle sessions, and enjoys playing outside especially with other dogs. It can take her a little bit more time to warm up to new friends (both dogs and humans), but she is great with everyone once she feels comfortable. Brenda will need another dog in her new home to help her adjust with her new life. Over the past 2 years, she has bonded with her best friend Posey, as they went through the socialization process together.

Brenda still has a lot to learn and well be honest it does take time to win her trust, but she is very smart and wants to learn. It will be at the end of the day we promise the hard work will be worth it and sincerely rewarding. Brenda is 95% potty trained and may have a little accident here or there. Shes 100% crate trained and recognizes her crate as her safe space. 

Please understand that feral dogs mainly travel in packs and thats all that they ever knew. That being said, we have made it a requirement for Brenda to have another Younger, playful dog in her forever home. Please also understand that it will also take time to earn Brendas trust. But once that trust is earned, shell be your loyal companion for life. Could you be Brendas special person to help her thrive to her fullest potential?

***Adoption #Requirements: NO EXCEPTIONS***
- No Kids Under 16 Years Old 
- Privacy Fenced in Yard Required, No Invisible Fences
- Must Have another Younger Dog in the home to Bond with. If you don’t currently have another dog, please check out her best friend Brenda

Brenda is currently up for adoption through Lending A Helping Paw Dog Rescue. Her adoption fee is $350 & will include her distemper, rabies, bordetella, parvo, & lepto vaccines; deworming; microchip; heartworm test; fecal test & being fixed. Posey is currently on both flea & tick, as well as heartworm prevention. Brenda is currently being fostered within the metro Detroit area. 

We kindly ask that you please wait until then to ask any questions. Once you have applied,  please allow us up to 2 weeks to get back to you. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. 

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We cannot thank everyone enough for all of the love & support. 

Love ,
The Help Us, Help Them Dog Rescue Family

Remember,  it takes a village to save lives! So make sure to play your part! 
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Help Us, Help Them Dog Rescue; previously known as Lending A Helping Paw Dog Rescue, is an independent, 100% foster-based animal rescue located in Ferndale, Michigan. Our mission is to play an active role throughout our community by Lending A Helping Hand to animals that were either abandoned, in shelters, unwanted, homeless, chained outdoors, or victims of prior abuse and/or neglect. Our rescue family has accomplished this by setting up each animal and their new families up for success by educating and consulting pet parents about whats in the best interest of their pets overall well-being, and creating an awareness in our community about the vital importance of fully vetting and spaying or neutering their pets.

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