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In shelter Dog

Louisville, KY, 40243
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Eleri is a beautiful female German Shepherd estimated around 2 years of age. Eleri was a stray therefore we do not know her history or background. She did arrive at the shelter with signs of having nursed recently and a heartworm infection so we can make some assumptions about her past.

Eleri is a very sweet girl who seem like she is making up for past time with all the affection she can get. She is friendly and generally social although she doesnt understand not to jump or be pushy for affection just yet. Eleri has warmed up to the creature comforts of being a family member and enjoys getting to be near people and part of the action. Eleri has done well in her crate but will gladly counter surf so she isnt yet able to be loose unattended in the home. Eleri has discovered that she really likes tennis balls and other toys she can toss around - Jolly Balls are a favorite. She doesnt understand fetch just yet but she will get there. Eleri has been around kids 6+ years of age with no issues and would likely do well in a home with kids.

Eleri is fostered with other medium/large dogs with no concerns. She doesnt totally understand how to play with the other dogs but is figuring it out and is overall appropriate in her behavior with them. She has not been around any dogs under 50 lbs at this time and we do not know how she would do with smaller dogs. Eleri has been cat tested and was a bit pushier than we would like so she is not currently recommended for a home with cats.

Eleri does have heartworm and has begun slow kill treatment. She has received her first ivermectin dose and is currently on doxycycline. She will need to continue to receive monthly ivermectin to treat her current heartworm and prevent any future infections. We are happy to discuss heartworm treatment options and answer any questions you have.

Eleri is a sweet girl who is looking for a family that will give her the TLC and guidance she needs to be the best companion she can be. If youre the home for Eleri please email us at for an adoption application or visit for FAQs