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In shelter Dog

Louisville, KY, 40243
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Lily is a 1 year old female German Shepherd who arrived at the shelter as a very underweight, beat up stray. We do not know her history prior to arrival at the shelter.

Lily is a bundle of young Shepherd energy that is happy to pinball her way through social interactions. Lily is a bouncy, mouthy, playful young thing that is going to need lots of exercise and guidance to keep her on the path to being a good canine citizen. Lily is friendly in social settings and meets new friends with a lot of exuberance. Lily has little time for concepts like 4 on the floor, personal space, and humans arent chew toys - She is too busy having fun. Lily has done well with a dog savvy 10 year old but given her mouthy tendencies and jumping we would not recommend her for a home with young children at this time.

Lily isnt entirely sure how to handle the other dogs in her foster home just yet. She was originally very defensive during introductions on leash and as she has settled in has taken the approach of pretending other dogs dont exist. Lily will likely need guidance to adjust to new dogs and how to interact with new dogs while out and about. Unfortunately she seems to have spent most of her early life having to survive and doesnt know how to play at this moment. Lily is NOT cat friendly and would not be recommended for a home with small dogs.

Lily is a beautiful, sweet girl that is looking for a patient, active home to give her the guidance she needs to thrive as a family member. If youre the home for Lily please email us at for an application or visit for FAQs