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In shelter Dog

Louisville, KY, 40243
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Layla is a stunning female German Shepherd who is estimated around 3 years of age. Layla was a stray therefore we do not know her history or background prior to arrival at the shelter.

Layla is a fun girl who doesnt seem to understand the purpose of humans outside of meal times. She is aloof and generally seems to not understand why the other dogs would bother with human attention - after all humans are only good for their opposable thumbs. Layla defaults to ignoring people unless solicited for attention in which case she is happy to entertain her adoring fans. Layla has a diva energy about her and definitely thinks she runs the shows sometimes. Layla does not typically seek attention or playtime and prefers to chill out and do her own thing. Layla has had very limited interactions with children at this time but has done well with the few she has met.

Layla is fostering with other dogs and enjoys being the bossy supervisor of anything they do. She tends to ignore the dogs 98% of the time but in the instance that she catches them playing or being too energetic she is quick to be the fun police. Her version of fun is being the fun police it seems and most dogs do not appreciate her reprimands. She gets along well with the more laid back dogs and those that tolerate her controlling nature. She would likely prefer being an only dog or with older, laid back, dogs. Layla has not been around small dogs or cats at this time.

Layla is a beautiful girl who is looking for a patient home that will guide her in becoming a loved family member. If youre the home for Layla please email or visit for FAQs


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