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Medusa (aka Karmen)   

In shelter Dog

Marietta, OH, 45750
Pet name:
Medusa (aka Karmen)
German Shepherd Dog
Medusa is a beautiful 14-year old female German Shepherd who was brought to the HSOV on September 24, 2022 after she was picked up on Peaker Run Road/McGrath Road in the Lower Salem Ohio area by a Washington County Deputy Sheriff. Medusa was accompanied by two other German Shepherds (Pandora and Roscoe). All three were wearing collars but there were neither id tags nor dog tags on their collars. One of the dogs (Roscoe) was microchipped so we are in the process of attempting to contact the individual to whom the microchip is registered.

Medusa has a brown medium-haired coat with black shading, huge paws, a long tail, and a sweet face with characteristic features of the German Shepherd breed. Medusa has soulful brown eyes, black shading on her muzzle, and large erect ears.

Medusa has sparse fur on her back/hind quarters which is possibly due to allergies.

Medusa is understandably a little nervous being in an unfamiliar environment, and she was especially uneasy about vaccinations. But overall she appears to have a friendly disposition.

Medusa weighs 66.6 lbs.

In compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, Medusa will be held for three days so that her family will have an opportunity to reclaim her with proof of ownership.


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