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Dannie Girl   

In shelter Dog

Mooresville, NC, 28117
Pet name:
Dannie Girl
German Shepherd Dog
Apricot / Beige
A great BIG callout to our foster who has worked magic with this sweet two year old German Shepherd. Dannie Girl has made a huge transition having arrived as a timid, scared and depressed girl who had suffered far too long from hunger and skin infections. Today she is coming when called, playing with her canine siblings and going for walks with her foster. Dannie is interacting with her humans and has begun to seek attention. This is a big step for a dog who shied away from even being touchedwe are thrilled! 

Not food possessive in the least, this gentle girl does crave a companion pet, male or female of some sort. And, she likes men and women alike. Dannie Girl has been left for long periods of time indoors and alone except for her canine companions and is not destructive at all. Dannie can be found napping and quietly waiting for her human to return home.

Our team, and especially this dedicated foster, has worked hard to bring this girl back from the brink and we are thrilled that Dannie has begun a mega turnaround. 

If you have plenty of love and patience, another canine companion and a mellow household, this girl may be a perfect fit! Please submit an application.


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