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Sophie (Lilac)   

In shelter Dog

Murray, KY, 42071
Pet name:
Sophie (Lilac)
German Shepherd Dog
Sophie is a sweet puppy and is one of a litter of 9 born July 14th at their current foster home. Their mom Scarlet was stray and picked up when she was pregnant and ready to pop. Like most dogs, Scarlet did not feel comfortable to birth her puppies until she finally arrived to her current foster. She must have known she was about to be in a safe place because she was already laboring by the time she arrived. Scarlet looks like a black German Shepherd (maybe mixed) and currently weighs around 55 lbs (her picture is on each puppy profile and she has her own profile as well). Because she was a stray, there is no indication of what dad(s). There is a mix of colors and patterns in this litter, so there is no way to tell if what dad was, especially if there may be more than one dad! 
Sophie is in a foster home with contact with adult dogs, cats, and people. Photos are from early September. Sophie will be a wonderful addition to a family who will give her plenty of love, care, and toys! Like all dogs, she will be happiest when she is involved with her family and their activities her whole life. Sophie and her siblings are sweet and fun-loving little guys. They love to play outside, but are content when they are inside with their humans. 

All of our puppies are up-to-date on vaccinations, intestinal worm treatment, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention and will be microchipped prior to adoption. Our foster families do their best to begin their house training but please be patient with any puppy you adopt. Its a learning process!

If you are ready for the work, time, patience, expense, and commitment required to raise a puppy, we welcome your adoption application. Sending us a completed application is the very first step so be sure to do that first thing! The adoption donation is $200. All of our animals must be spayed or neutered when reaching the appropriate age. A reimbursement of $50 will be sent to the adopter once we receive the receipt from the procedure. The adoption donation also includes a discount for S.T.A.R. Puppy Kindergarten or Canine Good Citizen Class.

When applying for any adoption, please be aware that The Humane Society office is open Mon - Thurs from 10 - 3. We will respond to any inquiries or adoption submissions sent during non-office hours on the next day we are in the office. Thank you for your understanding!

Dog Adoption Guidelines:

You must fill out an application to be considered for adoption. You can find the application at Please email any questions to 

It is not a first-come process; we try to match the dog with the family for a FOREVER home. We process all applications at once and take the dog off the site, placing them on adoption pending status until a decision is made. If a suitable home match is not found, the dog returns to active status.

The dog adoption process can take up to two weeks; we are a small group of volunteers who mostly have full-time jobs.

All of our dogs are indoor dogs with outdoor privileges unless otherwise specified.

We do not fly or ship our dogs due to heat/cold concerns and safety issues. If you are willing to fly out AND fly the dog back in the cabin (size restrictions) with you, that would be considered.

If you apply to adopt a dog and are chosen, you must come to Murray, KY to pick up the dog and fill out the paperwork in person.

We cant provide individual meet and greet sessions for each applicant. If chosen to adopt, you will have plenty of time for your family and pets to visit with the potential new family member before signing any paperwork and will not be committed to adopting if you choose not to at that time.


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