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Paloma (ID# 60422)   

In shelter Dog

Oakland, CA, 94601
Pet name:
Paloma (ID# 60422)
German Shepherd Dog
I am in a foster home and not at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting, submit an adoption questionnaire by email. Learn more here

DOB ~7.21
"Special" doesnt scratch the surface of this pup.

Paloma is a young mixed breed pup with gorgeous blue eyes. Her DNA results show that she is a mix of 5 breeds! Check out the results!

She LOVES people and is special in a million ways, one of which is that shes deaf.

Being deaf will absolutely not define this girl.

In her foster home, shes confident and is learning the ropes fast. Shes great in a car and gets very excited when her harness comes out. Paloma loves everyone she meets and loves being showered with attention and touch.

Shes crate trained and potty trained. Shes a super happy girl and her tail is in constant movement. Shes great on pack walks around the neighborhood and is learning leash skills. She loves to play so would be best with at least one other young, playful dog.
Paloma loves being part of pack but puts herself to bed in the crate when she needs to recharge.

Paloma is still trying to figure out how things work around here with 4 "giant" (compared to her) Northern breed dogs of over 80 pounds but, she watches everything and is a very quick study. She loves being "one of the gang" and is already pretty good at reading their body language without hearing vocal correction.

Deaf dogs do better with at least one other dog, so . . . wed like to adopt Paloma into a multiple dog home. Busy areas overwhelm her so a quieter area is needed for this girl.

Paloma is a high energy, intelligent working breed mix so she will require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. She is about 1 year old and 35 pounds. Click HERE

to learn about adoption!