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In shelter Dog

Pittsburg, CA, 94565
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
XENA is approx a 2 year old large (but not huge) purebread German Shepherd puppy....approx 60 lbs  

After spending time with her, we think she may have come from a puppy mill.....or a backyard breeder, which is basically the same thing!

She is a unique creature with some quirks but thats what makes her interesting....! 

She has a joy for life In spite of coming from a dire situation where the family had to flee their home due to dangerous "domestic violence" and had to seek shelter in a safe house......Xena could not go with them....sadly

Domestic abuse doesnt just affect people it also affects their pets so she does have some "high anxiety"  going on but who can blame her as this has been hard on her 

If we can get her into a stable home, we think eventually this will get better as she wasnt like this before.....

Her family life included 2 young children who she loved and was very good with but because shes high energy and active that might be intimidating for younger ones

Shes pretty dominant with other dogs especially small ones so we have to recommend that she go to a home with no matter animals 

She DOES also have EPI  a digestive condition....
it can be serious however shes under a Vets care and is on a special diet including supplements so shes now stable  however this IS a life time thing.....she will always have it.....but its not difficult to manage....its just DIET

Her DIET:  shes on No-Grain dry food with  Pantenex powder and Fruitables (a pumpkin supplement) and pumkin treats.....thats the only kind she should have!

She just needs a home with someone who has the time and patience to handle a special needs dog which might take some work but is also a very  rewarding journey....!


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