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In shelter Dog

Ramona, CA, 92065
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Meet Moufa!

Moufa entered Downey Shelter as a stray, and after she wasnt claimed during her hold period, we scooped her up to become a Frosted Face on September 14th. She is about 14 years old and weighs 45 lbs. Moufa is incredibly sweet and very shy, but having chicken with you helps to make her an instant friend!

Moufa just left on a two-week Frosted Fling so we can learn more about her in a home setting, and we received a great first update from her Fling Mom:

"Moufa is really starting to open up to us, and it only took a few days. Note to her forever family, she needs a little time adjusting so dont give up. She is not the same dog we brought home five days ago! A few things we have learned:

Shes very quiet. The only noise we have heard her make is snoring.

She keeps to herself and doesnt roam much (even though we allow her to). She will follow us with her eyes but wont come over for attention unless we invite her. Shes just started to do a little head nudge for more pets.

Shes good with head, ear, and chin scratches but will pull back, or get a little jumpy, if you try to touch her elsewhere (never tries to bite or growl...not aggressive at all). Weve been working on this with her and found that if you scratch her head and move down her back, shes totally OK with it. She let me rub her belly a little yesterday too! Just another one of those things she will be more comfortable with given love and time.

Shes totally potty trained and has had no accidents. She also doesnt need diapers. We take her out before bed and she sleeps through the night. We also take her out first thing in the morning and a few times during the day.

She hasnt been reactive to any dogs! Our neighbors dogs unexpectedly (and unleashed) ran into our yard to say hi (thats the nice way to put it) and even though they were barking at her she never barked back or tried to go after them. She has been polite to all dogs when weve been out on walks.

Moufa is a sweetheart and is looking for a forever family that will be patient with her as she learns to trust. Shes got a lot of love to give and would like a lot of love in return!"

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Updated: 9/29/22

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