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Ellie May 6650   

In shelter Dog

Rogers, AR, 72758
Pet name:
Ellie May 6650
German Shepherd Dog
The photographer accompanied Ellie May to the Humane Society bark park and the adventure started innocuously with the usual walk around and the checkout of a few of the hundreds of scents donated by the previous visitors to the playground. Ellie May didn’t seem to have any areas of high interest but was posing nicely for the human and performed a requested sit and a joyful dance step as she hopped off the agility platform. The human then spent a few seconds looking elsewhere as he turned his attention to a phone message. A splash thankfully interrupted his social distraction and he turned to see Ellie May in full frolic as she jumped into and out of the doggy pool, occasionally putting her entire head underwater as she showed off her scuba skills while searching for a possible leftover treat. She took the suggestion of renowned author and scholar Joseph Campbell as she followed her bliss. Ellie May is a water loving canine who would be happy cavorting in a pool, a creek, a river, a lake or maybe even in a big puddle of rainwater. Our guess is that Ellie May would exuberantly dive into a ce-ment pond, especially if Jethro was swimming there. The entertainment didn’t stop until it was time for her to return to the shelter for a well-deserved supper. Ellie May will be a welcome addition to any family and may even curl up with you on your couch to share some popcorn as you binge watch all 247 episodes of her favorite syndicated sitcom.


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