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In shelter Dog

Union City, PA, 16438
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Arent they GORGEOUS! Wow these two girls are absolutely wonderful dogs! They are mom and pup! Thelma is mama and Louise is her pup! 

We do not know their past as we were not their original rescue. However when they came to us they were completely emaciated. Absolute skin over bones! It took a good solid month for them to slowly gain the weight they needed. Through all of this they remained the sweetest girls. 

Thelma is very house trained and Louise needs reminded to go outside frequently. Thelma is super friendly with everybody she meets and Louis is slightly shy at first but warms up quickly! Both adore each other and will remain together for adoption. 

Neither are good with cats. 

Thelma and Louise were adopted from the previous rescue and unfortunately the new owners didnt know Thelma was very dog aggressive. She had gotten loose during a walk and attacked another dog. She lost part of her ear during this fight. You can see in the pictures one ear is slightly shorter then the other. 

Due to Thelma dislike for other dogs we have to adopt to a home with solid privacy fence. A neighboring dog would not be best for her either. We will also require a double door entry meaning there must be a porch or mud room etc. 
When Thelma goes for walks she will need to be muzzled. 

Thelma has been properly muzzle trained and rehabilitation has been done. She can exist around other dogs and remain in a calmer state but she can NOT live with another. She should not be trusted with another dog other then her own pup... Louise. 

Louise is not dog aggressive. 

We know that Thelma will sound sound like a huge problem dog to adopt but she is actually wonderful!!!!! Youll just need to meet those few requirements and she will make an amazing companion.

Our dogs are fully vetted. This includes spay or neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, rabies, microchipped, Heartworm and Lyme tested, worming, flea treatments, Heartworm prevention started and any other medical care needed. 

Our adoption fee also includes 6-week group obedience class (value $125.)

If adopting a puppy under age we cover spay/neuter at 6 months. 

Adoption for this dog is $300 (for both girls- not each)

To apply to adopt:
Visit our website-
Click Adoption tab- Read about our adoption process and requirements then complete the adoption application by clicking on the rescues face. Their info will pop up with an application button. 

Canine Partners Program giving dogs a second chance at a happy life with our rehabilitation program! Thank YOU for considering giving them that happy home they deserve!


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