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Ginger Newsie *LOCAL*   

In shelter Dog

Wakefield, RI, 02880
Pet name:
Ginger Newsie *LOCAL*
German Shepherd Dog
Age: 3 months (as of 10/02/22)
Weight: 15.6 lbs (as of 10/05/22)

Location: RI

This dog has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped.

Sing a song of puppies!

The Newsies pups cant wait to meet you! This litter of four girls (Amy, Janai, Ginger, and Eva) and eight boys (Ian, TJ, David, Tom, Rob, Will, Wolf, and Whitt) are extra sweet and lovable. We arent sure of the breed of these precious pups but are thinking German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix. We are sure these pups are ready to steal someones heart away! The litter is named after the hit Broadway musical - Newsies.

The pups are friendly with all of us adults but havent yet been exposed to kids. They love other dogs but havent met cats yet. The puppies have mainly lived outside in a pen with minimal inside time.

As the pups are so young, they havent started on potty, crate, and leash training but think they will pick up these skills quickly as they seem very smart. They love toys and are happy to chill with a ball when not playing with you! So far, the pups are pretty quiet, but you might hear them bark when playing.

They each will need an adopter who has the time, energy, and patience to commit to their training, and who has plenty of time for exercise and play - all those things that make raising a puppy a lot of work, but with the huge reward of an awesome canine companion. Attending puppy obedience training is a must and will help solidify your pups social skills, boost his or her self-confidence, all while learning basic commands and having fun!

Ginger would love to find a forever family that has lots of time and patience to raise a puppy properly, and who has lots of extra time for loving and cuddles. If you are looking for a puppy, Ginger, or one of her littermates, may be perfect for you! Fill out an application today and let her know that youd love to have her join your family!

Newsies Pups story: We dont know a lot about these playful pups other than the owner of their mom contacted our southern rescue partner for assistance in finding the pups forever homes. The pups are currently living with a loving foster family and doing great!

An adoption donation is required for each adoption; please see HERE for more information about this.

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**Additional info you should know - For most of our dogs, we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each of our dogs as an individual and do our best to describe and place them based on personality not breed label. Some dogs may not yet be in New England, nor ready for immediate adoption. There may be additional vetting, quarantine, waiting periods and/or fees depending upon your state of residence. If you have questions or concerns on any of this, you can discuss this with your Adoption Counselor.


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