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In shelter Dog

Toronto, ON, M4V 1Z6
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Coat length:
Dogs Without Collars Rescue:  Meet KOOKI!

Kooki is a lovely 6 or 7 year old female dog who loves everyone she meets.  She is so affectionate and sweet.
She is a low energy dog who loves to plunk where ever she can be closest to you and sleep the day away. She is more than happy with a few short walks each day, and loves to play fetch. After 5 or 6 throws though she is ready for her next nap!
Kooki does not have any separation anxiety and is not destructive when left alone in the home.  She loves going for car rides.
Kooki feels most calm and safe when at home. The outside world still makes her a bit nervous, as she is new to the environment. She will need more time to feel completely comfortable when outside the home.  However, even in a strange and higher stress environment, Kooki has shown a very special love for children, and has never shown anything but love and excitement for any child she meets.
Kooki has also never shown any resource guarding for food or toys. 
Kooki has incredible leash manners and is able to walk with a loose leash leash-hold and understand heel. If given the opportunity she will sniff every step of the way. Kooki knows how to sit, shake a paw and down. She is working on stay, touch and look. Kooki is confidently house trained.

Kooki would be an ideal dog for an older retired person or couple who are looking for a lower energy dog who does not need a great deal of exercise. Maybe someone who has grandchildren who will visit?  That would make Kooki very happy!
Everyone loves young dogs but old dogs love everyone!  

For more information about Kooki and about Dogs Without Collars Rescue, please contact:
Lisa Moser
Intake Manager


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