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In shelter Dog

Hampton, VA, 23666
Pet name:
Great Dane
Extra Large
A sweet, snuggly, gentle giant, our senior lady Gracie still has a spring in her step! 
When she sees her human friends, she immediately starts doing tricks with her favorite blue ball to impress. 
She kicks it, she pounces on it, she tosses it in the air and catches it... and then she brings it right to you as if to say, ""my ball is AWESOME, but you can have it in exchange for cuddles!"" 

Gracie is also one of the most polite ladies weve ever met! Shes housetrained, and she knows ""sit,"" ""down,"" and ""shake."" Gracie gently slurps up a reward cookie from your hand -- no grabbing or jumping!

Gracie is ten years old, and was surrendered to Animal Aid through no fault of her own. Her previous owner had to travel too much for work, and didnt want to leave Gracie alone. 

Gracie loves EVERYONE, and deserves to spend her golden years with someone wholl adore her as much as she adores them (hint: coming from Gracie, thats A LOT of adoring!). 

Come meet Gracie any day between 9am and noon. Youll be happy you did!
Interested? Come for a visit any day of the week - 365 days a year between 9am - 12pm. Hope to see you soon!

PLEASE NOTE: Animal Aid Society observes a 40 mile adoption radius to facilitate post adoption support and follow ups.


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