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In shelter Dog

Iron Station, NC, 28080
Pet name:
Great Dane
Extra Large
Bella is a beautiful soul. She is 2 years old and was surrendered by a breeder. After having multiple litters for them, they took her puppies away from her and surrendered her to a shelter. She came in unspayed and with entropion in her right eye. This just means that her eyelashes are scratching her eye. She will be available to go to her furrever home after she recovers from her spay and eye surgery (which will be done at the same time).

She gets along with everyone... people, name it. Our vet fell in love, and said "she could be a service dog". She is about the easiest Dane you could hope for. Although shes still a little thin, she eats well, without rushing. Shes not sensitive about her food bowl or movement around her while she eats. She could be in a home with a pack of dogs, or by herself. She rides well in the car.

Bella is a ray of sunshine from morning till night. Shes a cuddler, and VERY gentle. Doesnt destroy toys or steal food. She is just an angel! She is being fostered in Mooresville NC. If interested in Bella you can email us at*****Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love covers NC and surrounding states for adoptions. We require a fenced yard (exceptions made on a case by case basis - NO exceptions for puppies or deaf/vision impaired dogs - no invisible fencing), that stairs in the home be covered with some sort of slip resistant material to prevent injury, that all other animals in the home be up to date on vaccinations as well as spayed/neutered and that all dogs live inside as a part of the family. Our approval process consists of an application, vet and reference checks, phone interview and house check. Please email us for an application or if you have any questions.*****


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