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In shelter Dog

Pensacola, FL, 32505
Pet name:
Great Dane
Extra Large
Coat length:

Meet Shiloh!

Shiloh is a sweet, playful girl with a beautiful, glossy, black coat.  Shes around 7 months old and all clumsy, loving puppy.  Shiloh is one of the six puppies we pulled from an outdoor life in Chipley.

Shiloh is now living in a foster home with two other Danes- a male and female. Training is a work in progress,  of course, but she is so smart that she learns very quickly. She might be a little stubborn, too, so sometimes she needs encouragement to apply what she learned. 

Everything is new to Shiloh and her excitement when she discovers anything is contagious. She exudes joy and playfulness over a leaf or a toy or a treat. 

She is mostly potty trained, although she still has accidents if I am not watching her closely enough. She walks on a leash, but needs more training, of course. Shes better on car rides but still afraid to get in the car. She knows sit, come, and down. Shes crate trained but will complain about it for awhile, so giving her high prize treats and bones to chew on helps. 

Shiloh is smart… Shes a counter surfer, so don’t leave out food you plan on eating later… lol. She loves to dig when she is bored, so best to have a playmate for her! 

She’s so sweet once she trusts you, she gives little flea bites (nibbles on your arm) to show you she loves you. Shiloh is initially frightened of almost everyone and everything at first, but with just a little patience and reassurance she quickly adjusts to any situation. She is friendly with other dogs, ignores cats, and seems to like everyone. She really is a gentle soul. 

She hasnt really been around children but she loves to watch them through the fence.. I am sure she would be great with them, although she has no idea how big she is. 

Shiloh would be a good fit for any family who has the patience to help her learn. Her difficult start in life has not affected her loving nature. Shiloh needs the guidance and companionship of another large breed dog to help her learn and cope, she really needs to go to a home with a canine playmate. She’s never been without other dogs around. 

Hurry, though. A Dane this precious and beautiful wont wait long.

Shiloh is spayed, utd on all shots and in general good health! Could you be the family to give her a second chance in a loving home!?

Her adoption fee is $400. To apply to adopt Shiloh and read over the adoption requirements please go to before applying. 

Please Note: NWFLGDR does not transport dogs. We require all approved adopters to pick up the dog in person.