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In shelter Dog

Bend, OR, 97702
Pet name:
Great Pyrenees
White / Cream
Coat length:
Hello, my name is: Marcia. My nickname is: Pretty Princess. My breed is: Great Pyrenees. My age is: about 4 years old.

My favorite thing to eat is: Boiled chicken!

My favorite thing to play with is: My canine foster sister Poppy; we romp and play and then take a long days nap.

My funniest quirk is: I may not look like a full PYR as I run on the petite size (I can be a lap dog), but my personality is 100% PYR. I will give you the PYR PAW anytime you are near me to kindly remind you for a pet. Dont worry, though, I will quickly take a hint when you dont oblige. The second funny thing is when Im confused or tired, I sometimes make a funny face where my tongue is partially outside my mouth. You can tell by my look that this is not intentional but my actual mood at the moment!

What do I get in trouble for: I get on the bed even when dad says no. Its so soft and cozy, and I want to cuddle. I would be the perfect cuddle buddy!

What I dislike the most: is being crated at night.

What makes me unique: My little black patches on my face and ear. Its my unique trait, and I have the sweetest face; Im a true doll mixed with my patches.

Where do I sleep: on the sofa.

Do I love car rides: so far, so good!

Wheres my favorite place to go: cuddles in bed!

Do I like cats: unknown.

How do I feel about my crate: I do okay in it as long as its during the day. However, since Im a good girl and house-trained, there isnt much need for it.

More things to know about me: I love to lounge around all day, and a little play is okay too. I am very well-behaved. I dont have accidents in the house, I dont chew things that arent mine, and I am very sweet and gentle with all humans! I live with two kiddos, and I love them. They play and run around the house, which doesnt bother me. My favorite is when they pet me, I roll over for them to scratch my belly. I am still learning that I am safe, so its best to give me a little time to get to know new dogs. When I first came to my foster home, I growled at both dogs out of fear. But after a day and learning the female dog would be nice to me, we are best friends now. The old male dog still doesnt want to be my friend, so I am learning to leave him alone. I am good on a leash and, overall, a perfect little girl. I am adorable, calm, affectionate, and looking for the sweetest family.

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All dogs and puppies require VISIBLE fencing

Adoption fee: $325 (Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, heartworm test, rabies, distemper, parvo and health certificate for travel). Adopters located outside of Texas pay the cost of transport to an independent transport service ($250).

GPRS has proudly placed thousands of Great Pyrenees and GP mixes in the PNW for over a decade. Our volunteers have over 100 years combined experience fostering, screening, and placing this majestic breed into loving, forever homes. When adopting from us, you can rest assured that we provide life-long support and advice when it comes to your new family member. As always, our purpose is to find the best match for every unique dog that comes through our doors. Taking the time to find the right fit comes first and foremost at the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. If you are interested in adopting, please take the time, and apply. You will see firsthand how much care, attention and love goes into the process, when you are guided a personal screener. This is why we have people come back again and again for their next family member! See all our dogs, fill out an application and discover why we are the BEST at placing the right dog in the right home!

ADOPTION, FOSTERING, AND DONATIONS are just some of the ways you can help a rescued dog. We have worked hard to cultivate a large network of volunteers to save this majestic breed. While monetary donations are always much appreciated, you can also help by donating your time as a GPRS foster or volunteer.

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