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Ho Ho   

In shelter Dog

Holly Springs, NC, 27502
Pet name:
Ho Ho
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Ho Ho is just as sweet as her name! This gentle little lady was found as a stray in Angier, NC. She was covered with fleas and VERY pregnant, but still was seeking lots of pets and reassurance from humans.

She loves belly rubs, playing with toys, sneaking off with socks, and licking peanut butter out of a kong. She is quiet and mild-mannered, but will make the rounds in a household saying hello to every person and wagging her tail.

She had 11??!! babies and gave birth like a total pro. Each baby is healthy and thriving. Shes ready to be done with the mama work and find a home of her own where she will be loved, cherished, and NEVER abandoned again.

Ho Ho is great with all dogs and has zero aggression. Although she hasnt been cat-tested, she seems to have a low prey drive. She loves everyone equally but ESPECIALLY whomever gives her dinner.

When she gets excited and plays she will bow down and bay like a hound. Watching her carry toys around is just the cutest thing

Whomever adopts her will get a TREASURE of a dog and a forever friend.

Ho Ho is heartworm negative and will be spayed when she weans her babies.


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