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Shilo (and Gunner)   

In shelter Dog

Ephrata, WA, 98823
Pet name:
Shilo (and Gunner)
Meet Shiloh (and Gunner)!

Shiloh (female) and Gunner (male) are both beautiful husky/shepherd mixes. About 1-1.5 years old, they will need to be adopted as a bonded pair. Their history is a mystery, but we can speculate on a few things. One being that they haven’t had the easiest life. They both appeared to be very frightened of humans. They initially cowered anytime you entered their kennel. Gunner would frantically pace back and forth and would never make eye contact. Shortly after taking these two in, it was suspected that Shiloh was pregnant. Sure enough, she was! While prepping for this litter, it took countless hours to win her trust over - just in time for her puppies to arrive! She started to let her foster mom pet her and give her loves. After having her 6 adorable pups, she started to retreat once again. As a couple weeks passed and the puppies were growing like weeds, she felt more comfortable. Foster mom was able to touch her and her babies. Days and days of showing her she could trust, turned into complete trust in regards to the handling of her pups. 
However, Shiloh is still VERY weary of humans. It will take a special person to adopt her and Gunner. Shiloh is learning every day that humans are not terrible and that we offer treats, love and trust. Both of these dogs need someone who can put in the massive time and energy to win them over. When they were pet for what we believe was the first time for either of them ... their skin was extremely jittery. Imagine being a dog and never being touched, positively, in your life by humans ... and then experiencing it for the first time. We have brought a dog trainer in to help with this special situation. So far, Shiloh has her safe place, her bed. She goes to her bed when she is ready and willing to accept treats and pets. It’s important to her to have someone who respects her boundaries and takes the time to push new boundaries only as SHE proves ready. 
Gunner seems to be a playful guy when no one is around. When watched via security camera, hes been observed playing like he is a puppy all over again. Although he is allowed to let loose, he isn’t ready to do that when people are around. He too is very scared of humans. In fact, if pushed too far to socialize, he will potty in distress. 
It’s easy to see that both of these dogs want so badly to be loved and to trust someone for the first time. They make progress every day. They need a routine, constant training and PATIENCE. Their potential is endless. We just need the perfect person to take them on. It is important to note, they have never shown aggression towards people, just fear - to which they retreat. We would love to adopt them as a bonded pair as they have had each other as safety blankets since day one of life. They LOVE each other to pieces. It is also important that whoever adopts them has the appropriate enclosure, as these two have proven very good escape artists. As they are husky/shepherd mixes, they also have a lot of energy that needs an outlet. Since they are not ready for leash training, they will need a safe enclosure with plenty of room for play and opportunity for mental stimulation.

Please, if you have the resources and patience and think you can give these two a safe place to rest their heads, then please apply. 

If you are interested in adopting Shilo and Gunner, you must fill out an application first. You can go to to complete one, or message us here and we will email you a copy.

You must fill out and submit an application to even be considered for a meet and greet. We do require references. Thank you!


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