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Mary Jane   

In shelter Dog

Rock Hill, SC, 29730
Pet name:
Mary Jane
Mary Jane is a three year old husky mix who, if she could speak, would have quite a story to tell.  At a little less than a year old, Mary Jane got loose at the home of her family, while living outside, and was hit by a car.  Her previous owners came home to find her pulling herself, by her front paws, back to the house while dragging the back half of her body.  While her owners decided the “humane” thing to do would be to “put her out of her misery”, a Halfway There volunteer intervened immediately and raced her to the emergency vet.  That decision would literally save Mary Jane’s life.

After being initially diagnosed with a broken leg and fractured pelvis, Mary Jane underwent surgery and was brought into a loving foster home to recuperate.  After being in foster care a short time, it was realized that Mary Jane was showing some concerning signs that her injury may be more severe than initially diagnosed.  She had not regained proper bladder and bowel control, and after a week was not yet up and walking.  After another thorough exam and full body xrays (emergency vet had only taken partial images), a much more severe injury was revealed.  Mary Jane had sustained a broken back and significant nerve damage when she had been hit by the car.  Her future uncertain, Mary Jane’s foster family was determined to not give up on her and support her recovery.  They believed that with faith, love, and patience, Mary Jane would have a good quality of life and be able to be considered healthy and adoptable.

Mary Jane’s foster family continued to provide the love and care she needed to recover, and after several more weeks it was a true miracle that Mary Jane was able to walk again.  As a matter of fact, two years after she has come into foster care, Mary Jane has regained the ability to run, jump, and play just like every other dog.  Aside from a slight limp, this little lady is the life of the party.  She loves playing tug of war with toys and running around the yard with her foster siblings.  Mary Jane enjoys going to the dog park, and she has truly never met a stranger.  Even the kitties in her current foster home give her “two paws up.”  Although Mary Jane’s recovery has been remarkable, she has not regained control of her bowels or bladder.  To compensate for this, Mary Jane does need to wear diapers.  She doesn’t mind at all though, and is patient and trusting of everyone, making her condition relatively easy to manage. 

After more than two years in foster care, Mary Jane is looking to find her perfect forever family.  She is a sweet and loving soul, who longs to be with people and truly appreciates every moment of life she has been given.  Although she is adored and loved by the entire Halfway There family, it is our dream that Mary Jane will find her own home, complete with people who understand her needs and just how special she truly is.

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