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Kit - (Foster to Adopt Option)   

In shelter Dog

Verona, NJ, 07044
Pet name:
Kit - (Foster to Adopt Option)
White / Cream
Always wanted to get involved in Rescue? To save a life?  Need a dose of “rewarding” in your life?  Heres your chance to volunteer with an exceptional group @ Rosemaries Rescue Ranch and LITERALLY save a life by fostering.

Kit was dumped on the road in 2019 and was taken in temporarily when the owner couldnt be found.  She was adopted then, and got along with their dog and cats initially.  She established herself as the Alpha which was ok because their other dog was submissive.

Fast forward about a month, and it was discovered that, while very well-behaved indoors,  Kit had become very aggressive with outside animals, including cats.  She sees them as prey and goes after them, and was influencing the other dog to participate.

For this reason, Kit must be in a specific environment.  We require:
1.  A fenced-in yard.  Kit cannot run free even in open space.  Her owners have a 8 acre farm, but she cant run loose.
2.  EXPERIENCED Husky owner who understands Husky behaviors and can be the human ALPHA.
3.  NO OTHER PETS. Period.

Indoors, Kit is a great, faithful and well-behaved girl who has shown absolutely NO aggression toward people in the 3 years her owner has had her, and has no problem letting small children crawl all over her.  She is 70 lbs and about 4 yo.  She has medium energy, and is not vocal at all, as Huskies are known to be.  She is fine walking on a leash, riding in the car, and playing.  She is a people dog and will snuggle up on the couch with you in the evenings, and she sleeps fine at night in her bed in the  "dog room".

With the right person, Kit can be a wonderful addition to their household.  We believe her hunting behavior is simply entertainment to her, and acting out of boredom.  Her owners are sad to release her, but she cant stay with the other animals on their farm.

Our wonderful Foster to Adopt Option is a great way to experience adding a new family member, without making a lifetime commitment first. No pressure, no second thoughts, just enjoy your time together and see if the chemistry is right and its a fit for your family.

Minimum commitment of 2 weeks needed. Fosters always get first dibs to adopt within 2 weeks, but are not required to. All supplies/loaner crates/support are provided. It’s a total win-win!!

Please fill out the application in this write-up below if interested in fostering. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Phone calls, texts, emails will not expedite this process. We are run exclusively by volunteers who work long hours. After completing the simple application below, if you are selected for next steps you will be contacted to discuss further. At that time we will answer all your questions and also arrange a meet and greet. Thank you.

Foster or Foster to Adopt Application:
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