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In shelter Dog

Westmeath, ON, K0J 2L0
Pet name:


Name: Ducky

Age: 5ish

Breed: Northern Mix

Size: shes a low rider and 25 lbs

Is your dog good with other dogs: Yes, she would not do well with dogs who do not give her space but she would enjoy a well-behaved canine companion.

Is your dog good with cats: She lives with tons of cats, and she doesnt even acknowledge them.

Is your dog good with kids: No

Is your dog house trained: Yes

Is your dog crate trained: Yes, she needs a crate to make her feel safe.

Does your dog have any special needs or medical conditions? No medical needs. Ducky has teeth that are ground down due to eating carcasses and bones. Ducky is a feral dog and has many special needs.

Does your dog have any or display any aggression (toys, food, people, leash reactivity): None with toys and food, but if you push past her limits she will bite you.

Is your dog playful: She is starting to be

Does your dog like to snuggle: No, She doesn’t want any affection of any kind yet. It makes her incredibly uncomfortable

Does your dog know basic commands: No, she knows her name and comes but it is not a consistent recall at all and only works for her foster mom.

Does your dog know any special tricks: No

Does your dog like to go on walks: No, but she tolerates them.
Ducky is a HUGE flight risk.

Does your dog have any fears: Everything

Does your dog have any unique traits you have noticed whether in personality or physically: Ducky has this super cute head flick she does when shes excited and wants to play with her foster dog siblings.

What are the 3 first words that come to mind when you think of your dog: Traumatized, adorable, and Potential.

In a short paragraph please provide any other details or a brief overview of your foster dog: Ducky was surrendered to the rescue while we were on a northern pull in Quebec in January, of 2022. She has been very slowly coming out of her shell ever since. Ducky spent many months in solitude (at her choice) because she was so scared of human interaction she didn’t want to be around anyone. When given the choice, she would run back to her crate by herself. Ducky had a litter of pups in March, and slowly with the smothering of her foster momma she has started to come around and somewhat (maybe) likes being around her now. She also has started to enjoy the company of the other dogs in the house. Her crate is her den, and she does not enjoy people coming and going from it, but she will accept when her foster mom comes and gets her from it and she will also come out of it on her own now when shes called. Any little thing that scares her, she’ll run right back in and we have to start all over again. When shes on the couch relaxing, she has her ears up and her tongue out. Ducky needs an extremely patient and dedicated adopter to give her everything she deserves. When Ducky’s limits have been pushed too far, she will bite. She is not biting to harm you, she is biting you to back off. She has so much potential if she could find the right home with patient people to allow her to heal at her own pace. She is also adorable and has the SOFTEST fur!

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