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Jasmine- ADOPTED!!!   

In shelter Dog

Arlington, VA, 22204
Pet name:
Jasmine- ADOPTED!!!
Jack Russell Terrier
Meet Jasmine. This pretty pup came into the rescue as a result of divorce. We think Jasmine is a Jack Russell Terrier mix. She is a small dog with a big personality as owners with prior JRT experience will understand. She has some of the Terrier drive and will need daily exercise and mental stimulation to be her best self, and needs a leader to establish rules and boundaries. Having your respect will be key to a successful relationship with Jasmine.

Jasmine is being fostered in a home that includes a mom, dad, adult daughter, and two smaller dogs. Shes done well with the family dogs and is respectful, but does not have a lot of interest in them. She is mostly focused on her humans and is very cuddly and playful with her foster family. She likes to keep them company and prefers to be a lap dog if you let her. She does well meeting new people, both men and women. On walks, when she meets someone new, she likes to stop and be petted, and may even roll onto her back for belly rubs.

In the home, she has great house manners and is housetrained and crate trained. She will sit and wait patiently for her food and has no guarding issues. Her leash skills vary based on her handler. If you are in charge on the walk, she will follow. If you let her lead, she will take on that role. She can be barky with some dogs (not all), but as a small dog, she is pretty easy to manage.

Jasmine did a few weeks of board & train to work on her basic obedience and leash skills. Initially, we thought Jasmines barking and reactivity were insecurity-based, but have learned that she has an instinct to be in charge and had been allowed to continue bad behaviors in her prrior home. She needs an owner who will not let her dictate the terms of the home, someone who understands JRTs and has a little patience to settle her in.

Jasmine would do best in a home with one or two family members vs. a large family - no young kids. She needs a low key neighborhood (vs. the city), a consistent schedule, and an owner who has a little patience to work with her. We feel an only dog home or a home with another calm, confident established dog would be best. The most important thing for Jasmine is having a calm leader who will give her rules/boundaries to follow.


"Jasmine is a really sweet girl! She loves to snuggle and will burrow her head into your neck. She has been unfailingly charming meeting new people when were out for walks. She goes to stores and outings with us and everyone loves her. She sleeps all night in her crate without a peep and hasnt had a single potty accident in the house. She and our dog, Lulu, do like to play chase sometimes, but Jasmine is most interested in human interaction.

Jasmine has definitely made good strides settling in and learning the rules of our home. She now spends most of her time off leash in the house, but occasionally needs to spend some time in the "quiet box" (her crate). She likes to post herself on a chair by a window to keep watch on all the activity outside. Weve been letting her do that if she stays quiet; if she starts barking, though, well remove her and either put her on leash, or if were super busy with work calls, shell go in her crate for a break. We both work from home currently, and shes pretty good during the day now that she knows what we expect.

She still gets agitated by certain sounds and/or movements, and may bark when she realizes one of us is leaving or someone new is coming to the house. Alexa has taught us how to correct and address that behavior. She is a Terrier who has natural protective tendiences and a prey drive (NO cats), but shes also very lovable and affectionate too. Its mainly the barking related to noise/movements and leash reactivity around some dogs that we continue to manage."

Jasmine has come such a long way since she came into the rescue. Shes been through formal training and has committed foster parents who have taught her how to be part of a family. Once shes settled in, Jasmine is super affectionate, a professional cuddler, and very devoted to her person. She needs a leader to establish rules and boundaries, and in return, she will be the most loyal and loveable companion.

HOME INTRODUCTION: We recommend that Jasmine be kept on leash consistently for the first two weeks, and that her new owner use the crate to help establish boundaries. Doing a gradual introduction over a few weeks will give Jasmine time to build rapport and respect her new human, and learn whats expected of her in the home. Worthy Dog will donate a training session with her trainer to her new family to help her transition to the home.

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Preference will be giving to:

Experienced dog owners

Active couples or single owner

Low key or suburban area - Jasmine is NOT a city or condo dog

BREED ESTIMATE: Jack Russell Terrier/Sheltie Mix
GENDER: Female
APPROXIMATE AGE: ~ 5 years old
OTHER INFO: utd on shots/spayed/microchipped/

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