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In shelter Dog

Brierfield, AL, 35035
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Thank you for your interest in adopting.

Leah was almost a year old when she was a victim of a car accident. She ran in the confusion and was not found by her owner. Her owner moved away and her life changed, while Leah remained on the streets for three full years!!

Leah didn’t know where she was. The fear, not knowing where she was, and not well socialized to strangers, she wouldn’t go to anyone, she just kept running.  Leah found shelter under an old victorian home near the college campus in Montevallo. She had a litter of puppies under that house that did not survive. No one could get to them. She stayed in town near the campus for two years, until two other stray dogs started showing up on the porch at night to eat Leah’s food, so Leah moved on to an impoverished neighborhood with multiple stray dogs. 

We put food and water out for Leah for two full years, we never missed a day, if we couldn’t do it, a family member did. In March of 2021, we rescued five of Leah‘s puppies from an underground fox or coyote den in that neighborhood. We were told that several of her puppies did not survive the streets. The day we rescued those five puppies, we met another street dog named gypsy, she was very pregnant. We rescue Gypsy and her 3 1/2 week old puppies in April and Leah was still out there. 

By July, Leah was pregnant again. We knew we had to get her before she delivered her puppies this time. She was due around Labor Day. 

The further along Leah was in her pregnancy, the more active she was on the streets looking for food.  We kept her fed and introduced her to Jack’s chicken biscuits! 

Leah was trapped on September 6, 2021, just two days before Labor Day. She was trapped using Jack’s chicken biscuits at a local grocery store parking lot. We loaded the trap and took her home to the volunteers bathroom, and she came out looking and smiling at everyone as though she had waited for this day to come! We have pictures to document one of the most successful trappings we have ever had! 

She did deliver 12 puppies on Labor Day and all of her puppies survived. Leah‘s puppies went to their homes in November last year. 

Leah has waited 9 months for her family to come for her.  She is wonderful with cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. Her favorite dog at her foster home is a little pug that she plays with constantly.  

We will require a fenced yard because Leah was stray so long. She does bond to the hand that feeds her and will not try to get away.  

We have information from the previous owner that Leah is Lab, Shepard, Beagle. We don’t know why she kept running for three years, to meet her, you would never believe it, but she is a happy and healthy dog that would make a nice companion for a family.  

She’s 5 years old now, 55 pounds, spayed, micro chipped, up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm negative and receiving preventatives.

Please fill out the application to adopt this handsome dog!