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Kaycee / Olivia Wilde   

In shelter Dog

Broomfield, CO, 80020
Pet name:
Kaycee / Olivia Wilde
Labrador Retriever
White / Cream
General Notes |

Olivia is an incredibly gentle, sweet pup who was friendly with everyone, including people, kids and dogs. She was happy to meet friends and family, multiple repairmen who came over, and people we met on walks. She loves giving kisses and getting her head rubbed. She is very laid-back, moving around the house from one resting place to another. 

She is also sure that every pup wants to play with her in her slightly-lumbering way. She thoroughly enjoyed running around and playing with her dog friends. She also enjoyed the dog toys. She is a pup and will chew, but is easily directed to Benebones and bully sticks, both of which she loves. She was also great with my nieces and nephews, all 9 and under. She was super sweet and gentle with my 11 month old niece, giving her kisses, letting her crawl all over her, and just lying next to her.
She walked very well (better than my pup!). She walks right next to you, including with other dogs and a stroller. She enjoyed our long walks. However, particularly at first, she could be a little hesitant at times on walks, e.g., loud noises or crossing busy streets. After a day or two, this almost completely faded. She was still hesitant around very busy streets and unexpected loud noises like fire engines, but would happily keep walking with a little encouragement. Jogging would get her across any street. She also loves car rides!

She is house trained and quickly figured out how to use the dog door (mainly to get out of the Texas heat!) She is also crate trained. She slept through the night with no issue. She loves bully sticks and chicken jerky and ate very well. She also loves Pup Cups! She was not food aggressive at all and let my dog steal her jerky and bones with no reaction. She would make a wonderful addition to any family. 

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