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Ellie Mae   

In shelter Dog

Charlotte, NC, 28215
Pet name:
Ellie Mae
Labrador Retriever
Ellie Mae
Estimated age: 10-11 years old
Breed: Looks like a lab mix.
Approx weight: 50lbs

- Ellie Mae is one sweet older lady looking for an easy going family to take her under their wing. She will stand by your side accepting pets until your arms falls asleep. 
- Ellie Mae gets along with her doggy foster siblings. She is interested in them and is submissive. Will play with them some but doesnt like to play rough.
- She also loves her doggy bed for lounging around and napping
- She loves dinner time (like most labs) and will even dance for her dinner...its pretty darn cute. She will do almost anything for a MilkBone brushing chew. 
- Just a country girl at heart…I love roaming the great fenced in outdoors (given that it’s not raining of course). Ellie Mae also likes to go for walks
- Ellie Maes kidneys make her urinate more frequently so she is trained to use pee-pads when she cant make it outside
- Has not been tested with cats

Ellie Mae is an older girl who is on special food to keep her kidneys in good health. Her future adopters will want to check her kidney values every 6 months to ensure they are normal.

Before emailing- please read:
- Yes, this dog is available for adoption
- The adoption fee for Ellie Mae is $256
- Apply at
- The adoption fee covers their age appropriate shots, microchip, deworming, spay/neuter, and any other medical expenses while in our care.
- Local adopters only. Due to our thorough adoption process including home visits, we limit our adoptions to local families in the greater Charlotte area.
- If you have any additional questions, email us at and we will respond as soon as possible!


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