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In shelter Dog

Ellicott City, MD, 21041
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Izzie is a beautiful 10 year old, medium-sized lab mix who is calm and well-behaved most of the time. She has anxiety when left alone so she needs someone who can commit to creating the right environment for her with our assistance. It is manageable but will require a person who is willing to work with our professional resources. She has been okay in her (very experienced) foster home with other dogs who leave her alone, after a slow introduction in which she does not feel threatened. After an incident at a doggy daycare with her previous owners, she is very nervous that another dog miight hurt her and this results in reactivity. The best home for Izzie would be one a quiet one with no other dogs or kids, and a quiet neighborhood without a lot of things for Izzie to worry about. In other words, not an apartment, not in the city, somewhere where she has a fenced yard and can take short walks without a lot of dog activity. She is dog-reactive when strange dogs come too close, and placing her in that environment will create a lot of work for an adopter and stress for Izzie. Even though she looks like a lab, her personality is better suited to an experienced owner who has had German shepherd type dogs, or other breeds that are sensitive, intelligent, and protective, not goofy extroverted dogs like labs. Although she can be extremely goofy and full of kisses with people that she knows. Izzie is not in the shelter, she is in a foster home in our Rescue Program, please call 410.880.2488 ext #3 or 10/2/22 12:24 PM


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