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In shelter Dog

Holly Springs, NC, 27502
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
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This is Sugar. While originally with the rescue, her name was Mellie. We have left that part of her cio at the end so everyone can see how much this little girl has been through and is still so lovable. Her dad adopted her from us about 2.5 years ago and then was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died late last year or early this year. His dying wish was for Sugar to be okay and loved. He found someone who promised to love her and kept up with the person who told him Sugar was doing great. In reality this asshat and theres no other word for him except that had given her to someone else who let her get out and land herself in the shelter at the end of June. I called everywhere and found the guy who cried in the phone was so grateful she was safe and said hed go get her that afternoon. I emailed the shelter and let them know also said if he doesnt come, call and Ill come get her. We heard nothing until right after Labor Day so thought she was safe. Truth is guy never came and picked her up and she was at the shelter 3.5 months because no one told us. On 9/4, while walking past dogs who were lunging at her, she nipped a volunteer who was handling her. The volunteer and all shelter staff agree that this was not an aggressive move but a defensive move but in the shelter a bite is a bite but thank God they called us and we were able to get her today. Before her dad died, she went to doggy day care and the dog park every single day. She was pampered and spoiled and that life was so much better than before she came to Pawfect Match. She and her babies came to us after a Good Samaritan found her tied to a tree with a litter of puppies. She had a great life with her foster and then was adopted by her daddy who then died of pancreatic cancer. Shes back with us and needs a foster. ThisIs her in my office right now. Shes sweet as can be butPulls on a leash.
Mellie is an exceptionally sweet mama dog found tied to a tree in the backyard of an abandoned house. She and her babies were left behind Neighbors fed her until she could be transferred to a rescue.
Well, her litter has been adopted (they are all the best, most fantastic pups!) and now its time for mama dog to have her forever home.


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