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In shelter Dog

Lemont, IL, 60439
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Coat length:
Looking for a sweet, energetic, bundle of puppy love in your life? Meet Larissa. She appears to be a Labrador/Cattle dog mix. She is approximately 13 months old and has lots of puppy sweetness. She is potty trained and she is also crate trained as long as you give her a little coaxing to go into the crate. She absolutely LOVES her stuffies and spends hours working to de-squeak any noisy friend. 

For other yummies, she does well with chewing on raw bones, antlers, antler burrs, Pork Chomps, and the like.  She prefers jerky or other human meat for treats but will occasionally welcome a Milk Bone, which shell save for a while before eating. But her favorite treat is lovvies from her human friends, especially children. She has learned some basic commands such as sit, down, off, no, and stay (she forgets stay if a door is opened though, haha). She is bright and is very quick to catch on. 

She would do very well in a home with a fenced yard so she can run off some of her puppy excitement. It would be extra special if you have another dog who likes to play. She has had play dates with other dogs larger and a few who are a little smaller in size and has thoroughly enjoyed all of them. She is currently in foster with an 18 year old cat. She can cohabit with a cat as long as the cat has some areas Larissa cant get to, since her herding instincts come out.

She would also be an ideal companion for those who are adventurous or athletic. She is curious and would enjoy any activity with you. (If water is involved, woo hoo!!) 

AGE: 1 year
WEIGHT: 37 lbs
ADOPTION FEE: $400 (includes spay, microchip, rabies vaccine, distemper/parvo vaccine, heartworm test, and general wellness which includes dewormer, flea/tick prevention, and heartworm prevention)

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