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In shelter Dog

Murphysboro, IL, 62966
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
This big beauty has a Secret Admirer!!
Her Secret Admirer had provided a care package which includes a collar, leash, seatbelt, and 6 months of heartworm prevention to go home with her adopter!

A clear case of mistaken identity: I, Princess Sedona Paws, was mistaken first as an outside dog and chained up next to my mean step-brother-dog who clawed & bit my tender ears to steal every bite of dinner or fresh drink of water. My people didnt take care for me. They just moved my chain further back in the yard and left my ears ragged and bloody. The flies were horrible. I tried to shake my head to stop them from biting at my ears. But, the shaking only made my ears hurt and bleed more and the flies just kept coming and coming and coming! Ive heard people say, out of sight, out of mind and I guess thats how it was with my people. Once they moved me to the back of the yard, there were no visits, no food, no water, no nothing. I was hot, lonely and my tummy hurt really, really bad. When I was taken from my people I was scared. I didnt know these new people and there were lots and lots of dogs here. But, know what? There was always water in my bucket and the food came 2 times every day whether I was hungry or not. Well, Im always hungry. People talked nice to me and they touched me without hurting me and there was shade. Im still afraid the food will go away. So, I eat everything they give me. Now, everyone who meets me thinks Im a mean dog because of my tattered ears and chonky size. 
Why cant anyone see Im really a sweet, statuesque, blonde princess pup? Im patiently waiting for my human companion to recognize me, take me home, and treat me like the princess I am under all these scars. Cinderellas Prince Charming eventually came & rescued her. So, I will keep the faith while my St. Francis people pamper me until my furever family finds me.

Sedona is a young adult Labrador Retriever mix. She has come out of her shell and now loves to just hang out with her caretakers. She likes to play. But, is also pretty laid back.

Sedona was impounded by Animal Control in a surrounding County due to neglect. She was severely malnourished, terribly underweight, had bite wounds on her ears, and was Heartworm positive. 

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