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In shelter Dog

Spring, TX, 77393
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Looking for a best friend? Gracie is too!

Gracie is young, healthy and full of happy energy; this girl can keep up with the best athletes. Run, cycle, jog, walk - Gracie is your girl. 

Love movie nights in? Gracie does too.
Enjoy gardening? Gracie would love to keep you company. 
Have another dog that longs for a friend? - Gracie is your girl.

Gracie came into rescue back in February this year after being found abandoned in a neighborhood in Conroe. Gracie had been seen as long as 3 weeks wandering the streets, always skittish and running off into the trees. People started to leave out food and Gracie was seen on door cameras during the night coming in close for the food. Many tried to catch her but to no avail. Back in February we had some pretty cold days and even colder nights. 
Finally on her own terms, Gracie was caught; she followed one of the neighbors home and quite calmly walked right into his garage and allowed him to pet her. Gracie was ready, Gracie was safe, she was finally onto a new chapter. TAS was asked to help, we had a foster who lived in the same neighborhood, so we picked her up.
The man who Gracie followed is her best friend now, he comes to visit her and takes her on bike runs, which she is excellent at running alongside; she then goes home with him and plays with his two dogs. Gracie looks so forward to his visits and gets so excited to see him. Unfortunately, he cannot take in another dog. Thats ok, Gracie is in a good foster home and will be there until she finds the perfect home. 
Gracie is 18-month-old, fully vetted and 25lbs. Gracie is good with other dogs but can be scared at first with new people and situations. She quickly comes around. This girl needs a patient adopter, someone who will work with her confidence and love her for who she is and love her unconditionally. We know she will make an amazing pet to someone. 

Fenced in yard a must for this one!

Please contact us, Gracie is longing for her dream home.Interested in adopting a companion dog or cat from Texas Animal Society?
Please email and complete online adoption application at
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