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In shelter Dog

Wake Forest, NC, 27587
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Tricia is one of those who seems to have an inner calm no matter what goes on around who finds the ray of sun or patch of shade and just settles in the watch the day go by....shes simply just one of those dogs that brings a sense of zen to everything around her. We could all use a Tricia in our homes! Tricia is a senior black lab mix who weighs about 50 lbs full grown and may be a bit on the lean side after fending for herself for a while. She does really well at the farm, again, because her energy is low to medium at most and she just finds a place to be and takes it all in. Tricia could easily join a home with another dog but definitely doesnt need doggo companionship like she yearns for that of humans. She is easy going, wont need to walk for miles every day to be happy and will be quite content just to putter around and do whatever you have going on for the day. She is quiet, does exceedingly well in her crate and knows where to do her business. This gal is a true gem so come and get some of this all for yourself! 

Host Update for Tricia! See what her host said about their time with Tricia while she looks for her furever family:

"Tricia, (Ms. Patricia or Patty if you please) is a sweet senior dog and we just had a lovely weeklong stay. She is the shining example of laid back and easygoing! Youll find her happily sleeping during the day, or strolling at a gentle pace on walks. On car rides she knows to get in and likes to sit on the floor. We went on a few short hikes and she really enjoyed herself exploring the trails too. Shes a calm in her crate and well mannered. She knows to go potty outside but will need some patience from her new family to remind her thats where she needs to go each time. Shes very good with her "sit, and will sometimes raise her paw, which is the cutest thing! This sweet lady will curl up next to you with a steady supply of kisses to dole out. Shes a gem and has such a lucky furever family out there for her"!