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Angel Hair   

In shelter Rabbit

Winnipeg, MB, R3T 3C9
Pet name:
Angel Hair
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Meet Angel Hair - an approx. 5 year old female lion head rabbit.

Angel hair was adopted in 2019, but was returned to rescue through absolutely no fault of her own.

Angel Hair is a very delicate lady. She takes a lot of time to get used to new people and to start trusting them. She definitely prefers the company of other ladies, it is much harder to win her over if you are male. Once she gets to know you, she is okay to move to the hand-feeding stage. She prefers to maintain her boundaries though, so picking her up is a no. She may get spooked because of sudden loud noises (who wouldn’t though?) or a bit scary object moving towards her, like a blanket.

Angel Hair is very tidy. She has great litter box skills, and she does an amazing job keeping herself groomed. Although her gorgeous long hair still requires some external help from time to time.

She is also very quiet, and she is one of the safest bunnies ever for free roaming. She is not a chewer, she is not destructive at all, and she loves her x-pen so much, getting her back inside is really easy.

Angel Hair is not overly obsessed with food, but she still has her preferred selection of treats - bananas, apples, arugula, parsley and dandelions. She would eat dandelions all day long if it was up to her. She is a really good helper in maintaining a weed-free lawn. And in a typical bunny fashion, she would never say no to an Oxbow cookie, of course.

As far as toys go, she loves willow balls and cardboard hideouts. Angel Hair is a real princess that would love to have her own cardboard castle one day, along with her own forever home.

Angel hair ended up with a very severe case of pododermatitis, which is an inflammation on the bottom of her back feet, that we have been treating for a long while. She is currently wearing fleece booties to help protect the bottoms of her feet, which will be provided to her adopter upon adoption, along with instructions on how to care for her and this condition. She likely wont always need to wear these, provided that her home has enough padded flooring to keep her feet healthy (this will be a requirement of her adoption)

Pododermatitis can be a chronic condition, so it may be something that goes away and comes back on a regular basis (and it may require medication at some point). Provided that it is properly treated, they can live long and healthy, happy lives, even with this condition.

Angel Hair does not care for the company of other rabbits, so she is unlikely to bond with another bun. However, she can live in the same home as other buns - provided that they are kept in their own enclosures/area of the home. She is not suited for a home with children under the age of 14.

Her adoption fee is $40.00.

If you are interested in meeting Angel Hair, please fill out the adoption application on our website:

Adoption fee includes:

* Health check upon entering rescue;
* Spay/neuter (unless advised by our veterinarian not to, due to age or health issues);
* Educational information booklet, including a list of rabbit savvy vets in Winnipeg;
* Ongoing access to our team for questions that may arise after adoption (for the life of the animal)
* 1 week worth of high quality rabbit kibble

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