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Alexander, NC, 28701
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The best way to learn more about our birds is to complete our parrot match application, found under the "Adoption" tab on our website, The nice volunteer who monitors PetFinders inquiries cannot tell you about specific individuals.

Bertie is a 25 year old female blue and gold macaw. She eats a variety of healthy foods, including fresh vegetables and fruits, and cooked grains and legumes. She also likes birdie pumpkin bread, nuts, and Nutriberries. She also eats pellets. She says a few things, like "Bye" when someone leaves the room. She will take a bath in her water bowl while the vacuum is running. When in the mood, she will play hide and seek. (You hide somewhere nearby, just out of eyesight, but visible if she can walk a few steps to see you, and she will walk around until she can see you.) She also loves blowing air kisses, and having air kisses blown back to her. She is interactive, even if she generally doesnt want to be touched. Bertie has made great strides in building trust with people, so just needs a patient home that will work with her at her pace.

Bertie had a recent exam with an avian veterinarian, and is doing well and ready for her next home.

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Our process:  After you complete our online core class (recommended for anyone!) you will be connected with the adoption coordinator for your area. Attending one of our core parrot care classes is also required in order to adopt a parrot. A list of them may be found at Those classes that count as part of the adoption process are noted with an icon beside their title.

Phoenix Landing offers educational classes and facilitates parrot adoptions in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, and northern Florida. Phoenix Landing does not ship birds.

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