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In shelter Dog

Peyton, CO, 80831
Pet name:
#### Lovey is a beautiful 5 year old Maltese / Miniature Poodle mix. She is absolutely adorable! Since Lovey is a term of endearment similar to sweetheart, we have hopes that our Lovey will become someones sweetheart on her own terms. 

Lovey likes to be around other dogs and go outside. She doesnt like to be picked up for puppy parties but she is making progress with that. She does approach people for treats which is a fantastic step. Food motivation is so helpful for working with dogs who are more shy. 

She has started to learn leash walking but is still a beginner. She will need a fenced yard with a 4 foot fence to safely explore. She also needs a more confident dog her size to be her playmate and role model. This sweet girl is making progress at her own pace and needs a family that will continue to help her progress. 

We love our Lovey and think you will too. If you would like to meet this sweet 7 pound girl, please apply at We think you will love her as well!

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Prior to being rescued, many of our dogs have experienced minimal socialization. As a result, there is often an adjustment period when learning about life as a family pet. We typically do not adopt to homes with young children. Homes with older children will be considered on an individual basis. Common skills such as house training and leash walking will often take a little extra time. Patience, understanding and a gentle hand are a must. Many of our dogs will need fenced yards and a confident dog in the family. The great news is, many of these dogs do come around with time, and being a part of their rehabilitation is an extremely rewarding experience. Learn about mill dogs and fill out an application at our website: