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In shelter Dog

Chambersburg, PA, 17202
Pet name:
Extra Large
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Janet is an apricot EM, approximately five years old and the littermate of Chrissy. She was surrendered to MTM from an Amish puppy mill in Ohio where she had several litters of puppies. Before foster care, she had little human hand contact and is very unsure and apprehensive with new people. She will try to hide in the nearest corner if approached too quickly. She has made tremendous strides and now accepts hand to head contact without cowering. She continues to improve in her potty training schedule. She is crate trained but has pee accidents every now and then.
Likes: Janet loves, loves, loves food! No need to buy treats for this girl, kibble works just fine. No food aggression has been noted.
Personality: Janets personality is sweet, but she is easily spooked. When away from her littermate, she is more lovable; as her littermate is an attention hog. She will snuggle with her head on your lap and give kisses with that Gene Simmons tongue. If she is comfortable, she will roll to her side for belly rubs; when you stop touching her she will use her paw to grab your arm for more petting.
Temperament: Janets temperament is very gentle and submissive. She allows ear and teeth exams with no fussing. She still cowers when her leash is applied and is difficult to walk on lead. She is very strong and will pull you in an attempt to hide; she will need a strong armed human for leash training. Her forever home will require an erected fenced in the yard for her protection. Janet will not enter a vehicle without being lifted. Once in a vehicle, she rides well; no car sickness.
Good with cats, dogs, & kids (over age 6)? Janet ignores or is frightful of other dogs; not tested with cats. She has been exposed to several children ages 4-16, foster dad and mom, and house guests of varying ages. She will withdraw if approached too quickly; no aggression has been witnessed. She is definitely a lover!
Medical Issues? Janet is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and micro-chipped. She has skin lesions on her abdomen and a skin tag on the underside of her tongue which will need further evaluation.
What would be the best kind of home? The best home for Janet would be a calm, quiet and VERY patient. She is still learning to trust human touch and is easily scared when she is unsure of surroundings.
JANET IS LOCATED IN ELLICOTT CITY, MD.Application Fees, Adoption Donations and Rescue Policy:Please know that 100% of our fees and donations pay for the costs of rescuing dogs. These include, but are not limited to: pull fees from shelters, veterinary examinations, vaccinations, medications and care, microchips, neuter/spay surgeries, heartworm treatments, behavior evaluations, and foster care, as needed.
Our rescue policy requires the following:

Adopters must have their primary residence in one of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and parts of North Carolina.
We will not adopt a giant breed dog to homes where the dog will have access to highly varnished hardwood steps inside the home. Any inside steps to which the dog(s) have access, must have carpeting, securely fixed stair treads, or a non-skid surface. We encourage you to remediate potential safety issues while your application is under review, prior to the home visit.
Methods or devices using pain or force on the dog to control the dog, or to deter undesirable behavior is prohibited.
Applications for giant breed dogs must be submitted by the property owner.
Homes with children under 6 years of age will not be approved for adoption.
Homes with children should have a fenced yard.
Pets currently in the applicants home must have a history of appropriate veterinary care. Veterinary records will be checked.
All references must be checked before any visitation of the dog is permitted at the foster home.
All family members must be present during the home visit to the applicants home.
Any dog(s) in the applicants home must have an introductory meeting with the rescue dog being considered, before any adoption can be completed.
Homes with intact dogs will not be approved for adoption. Exceptions to this policy can be found on the Adoptable Dog Page.

For additional information please review our FAQs or contact
Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue reserves the right to approve or deny any adoption that occurs through this organization without disclosure. We reserve the right to make exceptions for special circumstances.


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