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In shelter Rabbit

Columbia, MO, 65202
Pet name:
Mini Rex
Lorelei was found running loose outside - likely put there by someone who did not want her anymore, unfortunately. Its no surprise she is a little shaken up and shy, so she is looking for an experienced and patient new home who will spoil her and give her time to realize people arent so bad! She is still getting used to human touch and does not care for being picked up, but does approach you for treats, so food is the way to this girls heart and trust. She would do best in a home without young children at this time while she is still coming out of her shell. 

Important information to know before you adopt or purchase a new friend! Rabbits have a long lifespan, and can live on average 8 to 12 years with proper care. Rabbits are not a cheap or easy pet for most households - they eat a LOT (daily rabbit pellets, a constant supply of hay, and fresh produce!) and require a lot of exercise, needing a bunny proof area to expend their energy to stay happy and healthy (think similar to puppy-proofing a room). Rabbits will not be happy spending most of their time alone in a cage - it is critical for owners to spend time petting and properly handling their new rabbits to help get them comfortable in their new environment and bond with you. Speaking of bonding, spaying/neutering a rabbit helps with this! Not only that, but it also helps prevent accidental litters, medical conditions such as ovarian/testicular cancer, and helps promote litter box training and reducing sassy behaviors such as biting or thumping. Every rabbit will have a different personality, but most if not all will need enrichment! This includes bunny-safe objects to chew on to keep their (constantly growing) teeth in check, tunnels to run through, boxes to play in, etc. Rabbits can be phenomenal, long-lived companions when cared for properly, but they are not right for everyone and should not be adopted impulsively. Rabbits, like dogs and cats, should have yearly checkups with your veterinarian and should be on monthly flea/tick preventative if they have access to the outdoors.


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