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In shelter Dog

Carlsbad, CA, 92009
Pet name:
Miniature Pinscher
Coat length:
Ava: 1 yr old black & tan female, spayed, all natural tail and ears. 10", 10 lb. Fully vetted. Rescued from shelter.
Ava is a 1 year old 10lb black/tan MinPin mix with Dachshund. Her face, markings and scrappy play attitude are classic MinPin, with a longer back and shorter legs coupled with some Doxy smarts!
During the day she lays sleeping in her bed at my feet while I work, and takes herself outside to investigate the yard. Shes submissive to my female dog, but this varies and was noted trying to be alpha to a different male dog.
Ava came from the Carson shelter, history unclear, but she was so timid that she wasnt adopted for a month Out of the shelter, I have found her to be polite, learns all sorts of things quickly from my dog, and loves to fall asleep on my side or in my arms when the time is right.
On top of that, check her pictures - I get nonstop cute photos, she is a looker and I catch her doing interesting things constantly.
She transformed from not wanting to be touched, to leash walking, using the doggy door, and wanting to cuddle in less than 5 days. Her growth potential is very high because she is so bright and has good energy to keep up with another dog.
Ava is a little Spitfire and can be a little escape artist/bolter as Minpins notoriously have a reputation for. Therefore she would need a very secure yard when she goes outside. We feel she would do best in a calm, consistent environment that provides love, but not endless freedom so that she can learn what/where her new safe space is quickly.
She loves to eat and drink, plays with toys, is potty trained, and taught herself the doggy door in 3 days.
Im training her on calm behavior using the crate while alone, and walking confidently on leash, she will need continued training through daily walks. This is very important for her confidence building also Her home personality is sweet and loving, she will follow you anywhere. Shes hilarious - she stares into your eyes like you are the only person in the world some days and wont leave you alone if you need a friend.

Watch a video of Ava at:

Note: Ava is located in Orange County, CA (Fullerton) - and we will not fly this girl.

IMPS Tag: 30497
ADD DATE: 09/23/22
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