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In shelter Dog

Calgary, AB, T2Y 5E9
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Age:  6 years
Sex:  Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Mixed breed (possibly heeler X)
Weight:  37 lbs
Good with dogs?:  Yes
Good with cats?:  No
Good with children?:  Yes
Special/Medical Needs:  Her jaw has been broken in the past and healed, she has been checked out by the vet here and she does not require surgery and is cleared for adoption. Requires soft food diet.
Energy Level:  Medium 

Adoption Fee:  $650
Foster Home Location:  Sherwood Park, AB

Miss Ginger aka Gingy, Gingy bug, Gingy girl!

Ginger is as sweet as they come, she is a people person for sure. Considering the trauma she has had in her life, she just loves people and wants as much love as she can get. Ginger will follow you around as she loves to be wherever you are. She loves snuggles, hugs kisses and gives her own sloppy kisses. She is calm and relaxed in the house, no noises spook her, not even the vacuum. 

She is not sure about this weather though and has to be coaxed to go out and prefers if you go out with her. We are working on this and she is getting better. She does not signal when she needs to go out, so she goes out quite regularly with my dogs. She has not had any accidents so she is housetrained and just needs coaxing to go out. She sleeps all night without needing to go out. 

She is great with my 2 dogs. She leaves my old 13-year-old alone and respects her space. But when it comes to my 2-year-old they play like crazy. Very respectfully and enjoy rolling around or fighting over a toy. Ginger will assert herself to let my dog know when she has had enough.

Ginger is very treat and food driven. Considering her injuries to her jaw, she eats quite well. I soak her food a bit and she is just fine. Drinking her water and eating her food is a bit messy but shes so cute it doesnt matter.

She is very quiet, doesnt join in the barking when my dogs go off. The only time I have heard her bark is when she is first put in her crate. She settles quickly but also because my dogs are close by. 

She is calm during car rides and will just lay down and usually go to sleep. She is good on the leash, pulls a bit but is happy to walk.

Since Ginger loves being around her people, I think she would do great in a home that has someone around most of the day, either retired or working from home.


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