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In shelter Dog

Surrey, BC, V3S 9M6
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Brown / Chocolate
Trebol is ready for adoption! 

Trebol and her sister Chita were found homeless on the streets of Mexico when they were young puppies. They were taken in by a professional trainer in Guadalajara and theyve been living at her training centre since then.

Trebol & Chita are very bonded and thrive in each others company. We would love to see them adopted together so they dont have to be separated. However we will consider separate homes with the hope that their new owners could get them together from time to time.

Trebol is a 1 year old female mixed breed pup. We arent sure of her exact breed(s) since we dont know her parents but shes a beautiful unique Mexi-mix. She weighs approx 35 lbs.

Trebol, like her sister, can be timid at first with new faces and new settings. But she warms up quickly once she feels loved and safe. She has a kind, friendly, loving personality and is very loyal to her humans. Trebol likes to be shown affection and she happily reciprocates the kisses & cuddles! 

Trebol gets along well with men, women, and children too. She is also good with other dogs and has never shown any aggression, resource guarding, or reactivity. Her sister Chita is her favourite doggie friend. They like to do everything together, like two peas in a pod.

Trebol is a medium energy girl. She enjoys typical doggie activities like walks in the neighbourhood, exploring trails, and playing at the park. At the same time, she has no problem relaxing at home and shes not an excessive barker. 

Trebol has been well trained from a young age, in the capable hands of her professional trainer. She is leash trained, kennel trained, house trained, and rides well in the car. She knows her basic commands too. Trebol has been an excellent student and will make her future family proud.


 Fully vaccinated.



 Flea/tick/heartworm prevention.

 No known medical issues or injuries.

**PLEASE NOTE: Trebol is currently in Mexico. There will be an additional $235 transport fee for transportation to Canada. This will be discussed upon approval.**


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