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In shelter Dog

Wilmington, DE, 19804
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Charlotte here, I know I have my apartment at the shelter, but Id much rather be in a quiet home, where I have my humans love all to myself, and dont have to share with the other 40 pups who need it.

I get it, everyone wants the shiny new models, the puppy-poopers-500, but I think that us seniors are pretty stinking great! Since Im living in an "apartment" here, I am already good with housebreaking, I dont rip up my things, and Im very thankful for comfy spots! I am also thankful for yummy snacks and even more so if theyre soft and chewy!

Ive been through an awful lot in my years.. back in my day, I may not have minded sharing my home with kids or pets, but Im a princess, and I deserve to be treated as such! Id rather be the center of attention, with one or two humans who can embrace me for the silly, athletic, sometimes grouchy old gal I am! Everything Ive been through has shaped me into the dog I am today, and I have plenty of fans who think that thats a great girl!

Im super photogenic, and despite my age (12 years young, even though it isnt polite to ask a woman her age!), still love to go for walks, and even do some running outside! Im 50ish pounds (it isnt nice to ask us our weight, either!), I know, the humans say I could stand to lose a few, but I deserve to indulge in my favorite snacks, free of calorie counting!

If you think you have what it takes to win my heart over, Id love to set up a few dates! Yes, I require a few dates, Im not one to go home with someone I just met! And after my two and a half year stint at the shelter, youre gonna have to win over my friends here before they set us up to hang out together.. I make the rules, and Im willing to make an exception to my tenure here for someone who shows me that theyre worth taking the time to get to know!

Please let your friends know Im searching for a home, SHARE my profile and hopefully my family will be here soon!

If youre able to offer me a FOSTER home, please fill out a foster application here:

If youre able to offer me a FOREVER home, please fill out an adoption application, or visit me during the shelters open hours, Wednesday-Friday from 1pm-7pm, and Saturday from noon-5pm. The humans process applications on a first come, best fit basis.

10/8/22 12:56 PM


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