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In shelter Dog

Vancouver, BC, V6M 4H6
Pet name:
Mountain Dog
Coat length:
* Please read requirements before you start the application***

• Only available for adoption in " Lower Mainland B.C. "

• Applicants will only be contacted if they meet the preliminary adoption requirements.

Dog Name:  Lucy 

Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog Mix 

Sex: Female ( Spayed )

Age: 8 months old  (as of April-2022)

Weight: 13.5 kg ( 29.7 lbs. ) will be around 35-40 lbs when she is full grown.  

Color: Black / Brown 

Microchip Number: 90013-80011-96648

Foster Location: Vancouver 

Photo Album:


Lucys  personality:
Shes extremely  shy with all new peoples .
Will keep distance from new people , unless you have treats .after couple hours will be warm up with treat .
No aggressive issue with  all people, kids, cats, and dogs .

•  Medium to high energy . Shy and timid when first meet , but super food motivate. will warm up with treats/food 

• Dogs OK, 

• Cats : NOT sure 

• Kids OK

• New people : Shy and timid when first meet , but super food motivate. will warm up with treats/food quickly.

• NO separation anxiety - when her human goes out she whines a bit.

• Chewing Issue

• Not a barker , but a good guard dog. barking when people near by or knocking the door .

• Medium energy level----she needs to exercise at least one hour / twice a day . Loves go out for walks, loves to run and play with dogs in a fenced yard ..

• Food motivated for training

• already potty trained 
Health condition :

"Lucy " is up to date on vaccinations, has a microchip, and all her blood tests are normal. X-ray checkup shows her hips are normal.
She’s a healthy girl.
We are looking for a very loving family that fits the following criteria:

• Only adopted to Lower mainland B.C.

• Must be an experienced dog owner .

• A family that won’t leave her alone for extended periods of time (less than
5 hours).

• A family without kids under 10 years old.

• Must allow dogs on furniture and bed. 

• Lucy  loves a gentle doggy sibling at home . If new family has another same personality dog will be great .

• You are committed to feeding her high-quality dog food.

• Can provide puppy training and at least 2 hours exercise a day.

• You are committed to provide a forever loving home to " Lucy  ".

Adoption process:
1. Complete the adoption application form:
a. Please seriously consider your level of commitment.
b. Please read requirements before you start the application.

2. Phone interview.

3. Home check and meet up with Lucy. Please note: after completing the adoption process, including a home check, we do not guarantee the dog you have applied for will be offered to you to adopt. The home check gives you and our volunteers an opportunity to decide if your home and this dog are a good match. We may require several home checks to find the best match, and our team of volunteers review all the information acquired in the process to help dogs and families find the best fit for each adoption.

4. If the adoption is approved, future follow-ups with " Save A Life Society "will be required.

If you are interested in adopting " Lucy " ,
please fill out the adoption application form from the link:

Adoption fee : $ 500

**Please seriously consider your level of commitment before completing the adoption form. **

Originating Organization

If you find the pet, contact this organization
too for assistance in finding its owner.

Save A Life Society

Found this pet?
Work for a shelter or animal control?


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