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Tulip and Zinnia (Richfield foster home)   

In shelter Rabbit

Deerfield, WI, 53531
Pet name:
Tulip and Zinnia (Richfield foster home)
New Zealand
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Tulip (brown agouti) and Zinnia (Brown agouti and white) came to the Wisconsin House Rabbit via a local shelter. They were being raised as meat rabbits but thankfully the person decided to not follow through.

The shelter contacted WHRS to assist with these rabbits because Tulip has some teeth issues. 

Tulip had an abscessed peg tooth and maloccluded incisors which were all removed. It was noted by the vet that Tulip has wave mouth or stepping of the molars. This means the molars are all of different heights making them difficult to wear down normally. This condition will require her to visit a rabbit savvy vet at 6 months for a follow up visit to check those teeth. If they have any points, they will then need filing down. 

This means that any adopter will have to agree and be willing to take Tulip to a rabbit savvy vet every 6 months for those teeth to be checked. It is possible that yearly visits may only be needed but the vet will need to determine that. 

Zinnia has no medical issues. 

These girls are very closely bonded and are always snuggling together. They both come running up to the side of their pen to great their foster mom when she comes into the room. Tulip is the more outgoing of the pair with Zinnia less confident in her trust. Tulip enjoys loving pets and Zinnia is getting more comfortable with being pet. Zinnia can scare easily. But she is making great progress and does accept loving pets cautiously. 

If you think you are the right forever home for Tulip and Zinnia and can provide the added vet care that Tulip needs, then please fill out the adoption application here-
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If you adopt Tulip and Zinnia, you will receive a free 1 yr. membership to the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society as well as a free copy of The House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit. And while supplies last a coupon for a free box of Small Pet Select Hay.